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Why Do you need Off-Site BackupHow Does it Work?Why Choose BlueStone Backup?BlueStone VS. On-line Backup

Technology Providers (Design - Sale - Install):

  • Provide Businesses, Governmental and Educational institutions with wide range of Technology Products/Solutions at competitive prices.


  •  We have the Knowledge, Experiences, and Connections to help you with your technology's products and solutions.


  •  As an authorized partner with most technology manufactures and distributors (Dell, Cisco, Netgear, EMC, & others), we are able to offer our clients very competitive prices and top customer/technical support. We help our clients with their IT buying decisions so they can acquire the best IT solution within their budget. Please call us for a free quote on any of your IT hardware and solutions.


  Do you backup your Data on your Private
  at a physical Known location for a Flat      
  OR, on somebody else's
  Cloud for escalating rate?
Unlimited Business Off-Site Data Backup & Remote Access Solutions Flat Rate
Dedicated Hardware for each Client A Physical Known Location  
High-end solutions at very Competitive Rates

Call us, we can Help 732-291-7914

  Why do
    you need


    Whether you are a
     Physician, Attorney,
     Engineer, Musician,
     Accountant, or any
     Professional who
     works with Data,
     imagine you came one day to
     your office  ...
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  How Does it Work?

      Advanced, but yet Simple.
     Secure & Configurable.
     Remotely Accessible, and
     Expandable ...

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    Why Choose
    BlueStone Backup?

      We are providing you
      with the same
      capabilities of an
      advanced enterprise

      solution at a very affordable cost
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  BlueStone Backup
    vs. other on-line &
    Traditional Backup

      Side to Side comparison
      to other on-line &
      Traditional backup
      solutions        ..


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