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Know exactly where your Off-Site data is:
When you use on-line backup services or even a pricy backup solution (mostly referred to as “CLOUD Solutions”), you really don’t know where your data is saved; it could be stored somewhere in the East coast, West coast, or at any other location worldwide, it could be stored at a small place in a small unregulated country. With BlueStone Off-Site backup solution, you know exactly where your data is stored, and that it is stored at a physical location; it can be stored at your second business location, at your own house, or at our facility.

Easy and quick to restore your data in case of disaster recovery:
In case your Business hard drives or computers goes down due to any reason (Natural disaster, theft, sabotage, hardware failure,  user error, software viruses,…), all you have to do is connect your second off-Site NAS drive to your business network and you are in business, and will be able to access all your data. Even before you do that you can access your Off-Site data remotely through a secure connection which means you will have zero down time.

Unlike other on-line or CLOUD backup services, in which in case of data restoration, you have to first buy a new external hard drive (s), install and configure all hard drives on all computers and servers, and then download your full on-line data from the CLOUD; This could take days or even weeks depending on how big is your data and depending on the on-line storage connection speed that is allowed to your business.

Advanced Technology:
BlueStone Off-Site Backup solution provide you with the same capabilities of an advanced enterprise backup solution; we customize a backup solution based on your business requirements without overloading your business budget with hardware/software technology that you don't need. We specialize in backup technology, so we always test new technology that have the same capability as outdated overprices technology, and  are partners to major Technology manufacturers and distributors, which allows us to bring you advanced and reliable hardware/software solutions at a very competitive cost.

Hardware/Software Backup:
Unlike many of the on-line backup solutions, our solution includes a customized physical hardware and software component, so you know exactly how your data gets saved.

We do not charge your business based on data size or transfer amount, we charge you a flat monthly rate. You own the hardware equipment so you can backup and transfer unlimited data based on the size of the drive(s) installed in your Network Attached Storage (NAS), which you have own; unlike other on-line or CLOUD backup services, which they increase their monthly rate based on data size and transfer amount.

 We do not have any hidden fees, it’s flat and straight forward rate. (Please check our rates).

Separate Customized hardware for each client:
We dedicate a separate hardware Network Attached Storage (NAS) for each of our clients, so your data will be saved on dedicated NAS drive(s) at your business side and off-site locations, so all NAS processor, memory power and hardware resources will be fully dedicated to your data only; unlike other on-line or CLOUD backup services, which they store your data on a shared hardware alongside other clients, which will dramatically affect backup /restore performances and increase the possibility of losing your data because the increasing load on the hardware that your data is saved on.

Secure and encryption data transfers:
We transfer your data between your on-site and Off-site locations using a very secure and encrypted data transfer method referred to by SSL (encrypted Secure Sockets Layer) session, which means that we use an encryption key to transfer the data between NAS(s) and in order to receive and copy data between locations we have to manually apply the same encryption key between NAS(s) so none can hack your data while it’s been transferred.

Storage Expandability:
Whenever you are getting close to running out of disk space on your NAS(s), all what you have to do is add a new larger hard drive inside your NAS, which only takes a few minutes to do, and will not increase our monthly charges; unlike other on-line or CLOUD backup services, which they increase their monthly rate based on data size and transfer amount.

Remote Access:
You can access your files and folders securely any time from anywhere: from your desktop, laptop, cell phone, while traveling, while visiting a client, even while you are at the beach. You can view/edit/add/delete your file and folders; all through direct and secures connection to your own NAS(s) drives. You can or even give specific remote access to your client(s) to access certain files or folders directly from your NAS(s).

Users and admin Permission:
We can configure different access and permission on any folder(s) on your NAS(S) drives to allow different access to different users or clients. For example, you can setup access permission with special credentials (User ID/Password) for different departments or even giving specific access to your clients to access certain files or folders.

Ownership and Connectivity:
With BlueStone Backup, you own a physical Network Drive (NAS) with a full copy of your data, and you have a direct network connection with your off-site drive; unlike other on-line or CLOUD backup services, you do not own the cloud space where you save your data and you do not have control over the network.

On demand and scheduled backups:
With BlueStone Backup, we can schedule multiple backups with different scheduling for different folders (daily, weekly, or even on-demand), not just one type of backup.

Reduce overall IT cost:
We are saving your business the cost of purchasing and maintaining many different devices and medias by combining many different media storage (CD/DVD, USB drives, internal/external hard drives) with one advanced Network Attached Storage (NAS), which can also reduce the risk of losing your data through scattering data on many hardware devises and medias.

BlueStone Backup solution is an advanced yet affordable solution comparing to Traditional file servers, which are costly and require hours for deployment and management. (Please check BlueStone Backup vs. other on-line & Traditional Backup Solutions).

Hardware RAID option:
BlueStone backup using NAS equipment with RAID option, RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. RAID arrays allow multiple individual hard disks to be combined to perform as if they were one larger disk, and the effect is to spread and replicate the data across multiple disks; that in turn, reduces the risk of losing all data if one drive fails.

In the past, hardware RAID has been available only in high-end servers and enterprise solutions. RAID protects data from hard drive failure. A failed drive can be replaced and RAID rebuilds the data from the remaining healthy drives.

Unlimited Business Off-Site Data Backup & Remote Access Solutions Flat Rate
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