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Backup Operation:

In three simple steps, BlueStone Backup will install and configure your Off-Site Backup solution, it is secure, simple, very effective, and at the same time very affordable. It is comparable to high-end advanced enterprise solutions which could cost a lot of money.

Step One:
BlueStone Backup will install and configure a Network Attached Storage (NAS) devise at your business location, and configure all your data to be saved directly or backed up to the NAS 1.

Step Two:
BlueStone Backup will install and configure a second Network Attached Storage (NAS) devise at your second business location, or at your own house, or at our facility, and then configure all your data at the second location to be saved directly or backed up to the NAS 2.

Step Three:
BlueStone Backup will configure/schedule/manage off-site backup jobs between NAS(s) at both locations, which will transfer your data on daily bases between your on-site and Off-site locations using a very secure and encrypted data transfer method referred to by SSL (encrypted Secure Sockets Layer) session. This means that you will have a full updated copy of your business data stored on an off-site location and ready to be restored to business location at any time.


Restore Operation:

In case your Business hard drives or computers goes down due to any reasons (Natural disaster, theft, sabotage, hardware failure,  user error, software viruses,), all you have to do is connect your second off-Site NAS 2 drive to your business network and you are in business, and will be able to access all your data, even before you do that you can access your Off-Site data remotely through a secure connection so you do not have any down time.

Unlike other on-line or CLOUD backup services, in which in case of data restoration, you have to first buy a new external hard drive (s), install and configure all hard drives on all computers and servers, and then download your full on-line data from the CLOUD; This could take days or even weeks depending on how big is your data and depending on the on-line storage connection speed that is allowed to your business.

Remote Access Operation:

You can access your files and folders securely from at anytime from anywhere; from your desktop, laptop, cell phone, while traveling, while visiting a client, even while you are at the beach. You can view/edit/add/delete your file and folders; all through direct and secures connection to your own NAS(s) drives. You can or even give specific remote access to your client(s) to access certain files or folders directly from your NAS(s).

BlueStone will install and configure a Network Attached Storage (NAS) devise at your business location, and configure all your data to be saved directly or backed up to the NAS.

Off-Site Backup Operation Example:

The following diagram show an off-site backup example from an actual client

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