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About Us:

Most businesses run daily backups to save their data on a separate computer at their same business location; but what if all data on all computers was damaged, for example because of a virus attack on the network, theft, sabotage, hardware failure, or computers were destroyed due to a Natural disaster? Off-site backup guarantees that you have a full backup copy of all your business data at a second location.

BlueStone Backup provides Off-Site Data Backup & Remote Access solutions, which are needed by any Physicians, Engineers, Accountants, Digital media Specialists, Attorneys, businesses or any professional who works with Data. Our solutions have the same capabilities of an advanced enterprise backup solution at an affordable cost; we customize a backup solutions based on our client business requirements without overloading client's budget with hardware/software technology that are not needed. We specialize in backup technology, so we always test new technology that has the same capabilities as outdated overpriced technology, We  are partners to major Technology manufacturers and distributors, which allows us to bring our clients advanced and reliable hardware/software solutions at very competitive costs.

Our uniqueness comes from providing our clients with hardware/software off-site backup solutions in which the client knows exactly where their Off-Site data backup is stored, and that it is stored on a separate hardware that is dedicated only to their data; unlike many on-line backup services and even pricy backup solutions (mostly referred to as “CLOUD Solutions”), where you really don’t know where your data is saved; it could be stored somewhere in the East coast, West coast, or at any other location worldwide - it could be stored at a small place in a small unregulated country.

Please call us for a free quote for a customized off-site backup solution that fits and exceeds your business needs at an affordable cost.

Ayman El-Sawa Founder & President

Ayman El-Sawa has more than fifteen years of extensive Information Technology experience, combined with strong leadership abilities. Throughout his career, Ayman El-Sawa has been involved in many aspects of Information Technology, Project Management and Customer Service for various organizations. Based on extensive experience in enterprise environment at major corporations, Ayman El-Sawa started BlueStone Backup which developed Off-Site Backup solutions that fit small/midsize organizations' budget and has the same capabilities of an advanced enterprise backup solution that used to be available only at major enterprise environments.


      New Jersey                                                                                                          New York

      Connecticut                                                                                                                                                           Pennsylvania
    Do you backup your Data on your Own                        Drive         OR, on somebody else's 
    at a physical Known location for a Flat                         Rate,         Cloud for escalating rate?
Unlimited Business Off-Site Data Backup & Remote Access Solutions Flat Rate
Dedicated Hardware for each Client A Physical Known Location  
High-end Solutions for very Competitive Rate

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  Why do
    you need


    Whether you are a
     Physician, Attorney,
     Engineer, Musician,
     Accountant, or any
     Professional who
     works with Data,
     imagine you came one day to
     your office  ...
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  How Does it Work?

      Advanced, but yet Simple.
     Secure & Configurable.
     Remotely Accessible, and
     Expandable ...

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    Why Choose
    BlueStone Backup?

      We are providing you
      with the same
      capabilities of an
      advanced enterprise

      solution at a very affordable cost
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  BlueStone Backup
    vs. other on-line &
    Traditional Backup

      Side to Side comparison
      to other on-line &
      Traditional backup
      solutions        ..


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