Do you backup your Data on your Private
  at a physical Known location for a Flat      
  OR, on somebody else's
  Cloud for escalating rate?
Unlimited Business Off-Site Data Backup & Remote Access Solutions Flat Rate
Dedicated Hardware for each Client A Physical Known Location  
High-end solutions at very Competitive Rates

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Hurricane Sandy Data Recovery Tips:

Free Instructions

to Help you


Data lost

in Hurricane


  Why do
    you need


    Whether you are a
     Physician, Attorney,
     Engineer, Musician,
     Accountant, or any
     Professional who
     works with Data,
     imagine you came one day to
     your office  ...
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  How Does it Work?

      Advanced, but yet Simple.
     Secure & Configurable.
     Remotely Accessible, and
     Expandable ...

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    Why Choose
    Blue Stone Backup?

      We are providing you
      with the same
      capabilities of an
      advanced enterprise

      solution at a very affordable cost
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  Blue Stone Backup
    vs. other on-line &
    Traditional Backup

      Side to Side comparison
      to other on-line &
      Traditional backup
      solutions        ..


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       Client Testimonials

Dr. Jay Mazzella, Owner and Director of the Eastpointe Chiropractic & Physical

Dr. Farid, M.D., L.L.C
Cardiovascular Medicine and Interventional Cardiology

Mr. Paul Mazzella, Owner and Manager of Eastpointe
Health & Fitness

Dr. Fadil, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

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"BlueStone Off-Site Backup solution was exactly what I was looking for. It centralized all of my data from all of my computers into one single centralized network drive. BlueStone Backup then installed an identical network drive at my house and scheduled daily backup from my business data into the drive at my house..." READ MORE....